• TCSOL System & Recognition

  • TCSOL System & Recognition

    TCSOL stands for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. Although the other titles for a Chinese teacher may beTCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) or TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language),
    TCSOL is internationally the most frequently used term for the Chinese teaching field.
    TCSOL is tranlated into 国际汉语教师 in Chinese. TCSOL is a high-need teachers around the world.
    The most professional organisation for TCSOL in the world is IATCSOL(全球汉教总会), International Association for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.


    TCSOL System
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    IATCSOL has designed five(5) types of certifications based on different programs and levels. They are awarded upon fully completion of our programs with the requirements of written tests and teaching demonstrations. The three cerfications are:

    1. Certificate in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL)
    2. Certificate in Teaching Chinese for Business Purposes (TCBP)
    3. Certificate in Teaching Chinese to Young Learners (TCYL)
    4. Certificate in Teaching Chinese Culture (CTTC)
    5. Chinese Teachers Trainers Program (CTTP)

    The Standards of TCSOL Certified Teachers provides a detailed picture of accomplished Chinese Language/Literacy teaching. The Standards have been developed by the TCSOL Standards Council led by professors from appointed universities and is supported by The Chinese Language Education Association (CLEA) in Taiwan.

    Guidelines on Standards of TCSOL Certified Teachers are provided to all TCSOL approved training centers. Non-members interested in reading this material are advised to contact us directly. The standards are based on two principles:

    • Professional standards only have validity when grounded in teachers own knowledge, experience, skills and values;
    • Teachers knowledge, experience, skills and values are, in important respects, discipline-specific. For example, the depth of knowledge and the range of skills an Chinese or Literacy teacher needs in order to teach well are different from the knowledge and skills required to teach Physics or Physical Education.
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